With how things are looking as of 2017, you might live to 90... but even that's not that long.
One of your primary goals in life should be maximizing the amount of conscious experiences that you have.
You won't remember the 8 hours of sleep every night on your deathbed.
Attached to that goal should be the pursuit of maximum pleasure and happiness.
You have no fucking clue. I have no fucking clue. The people at church who told you stories whom were told stories by others when they were kids also have no fucking clue.
Thus, since no one really has any fucking clue what comes after death, hedonism is one of the most logical pursuits.
Achieving maximum happiness, contentment, pleasure and fulfillment should be your primary goals, by far.
Helping the human race is noble... but do you really think we're gonna make it? Maybe...
Luckily, helping others is part of my "fulfillment" leg of this hedonistic perspective.
Great food. Fantastic sex. Beautiful locations and interesting creatures. Tasty drinks and dank weed.
Being artistic. Creating something. Helping others. Compassion and generosity. Adrenaline and energy.
Focus on the positive. Do everything you can to improve your life. Eliminate the bad people.
If you're unhappy in your job, quit. You'll start figuring things out quick when you can't pay the rent.
You need to make a list of everything you need to do to improve your life, state of mind and happiness. Now.
Because all of us have problems that could be worked on or fixed for the betterment of our lives.
Don't you ever forget this: no one really has any fucking clue what's going on, including me.
All that you can do is embrace it and enjoy the ride.
Treat others well, live well. Life is too short (until bio-engineering fixes that) to focus on stress, anger, hate and fear.
Right now, one of my primary goals is peace.
My social life could use some work too.
Pursue your happiness, friends. Fight for your happiness like it's your first born child.
In the end, filling your conscious time with as much positivity as possible is the best thing that you can do.